AMD company was founded in 2005 in Korea by a group of Korean original car spare parts producers to provide and promote united brand of spare parts into American, Asian markets for Korean and Japanese cars.

Founders of company are large car spare parts producers of Korea, which provide assembling plants of Hyundai, Kia, SsangYong, General Motors with production wrapped in “Mobis” and “Genuine” original package.

AMD is a leading company in Korea, which is generally dealing with Korean and Japanese car spare parts, as in present time one can observe a continuous sales growth of Korean cars in European, American and Asian markets. Thereupon, Korean car owners either have to pay extremely high prices for spare parts wrapped in “Mobis” and “Genuine” original package or take the risk of buying cheap and low quality falsification because of low price.

AMD suggested complex approach to deal with Korean and Japanese car spare parts. Quantity of Korean and Japanese producers united by AMD brand is continuously raising, but we do not accept every producer for we need the best ones. That is why priority is given to the companies who wrap their production in original package. Spare parts are sent into AMD central warehouse in Korea, afterwards to be sent to another countries.

Such approach makes it possible to suggest spare parts constant availability, high quality and understandable pricing.